The Centre for the Study of Health, Ethics, and Society is an international centre dedicated to high-quality academic research and teaching in twentieth and twenty-first century history. Our shared interests cross disciplinary borders and varying historical traditions. We believe that everyone should be able to access history; as such, we collaborate with both academic and non-academic organisations across the globe through publications, conferences, and exhibitions (including online) to disseminate cutting-edge research to expert and general audiences. 

The Centre is dedicated to embracing diversity, inclusion, and equality among our students, staff, and the wider community. This mission extends to every aspect of our research and day-to-day operations, as we understand the history of medicine, science, politics, culture, and law as important touchstones to explore the complex interactions which affect the lives and experiences of both people and institutions across national borders. We believe that this can help us to understand the commonalities and differences that have shaped twentieth and twenty-first century history.