Mistechko – An Artistic Little Village

Visit the Mistechko website. Interview with Olya Lyubchenko by Katja Schmidt–Mai In March 2022, UNICEF reported that about 4.3 million children were displaced by the war in Ukraine: more than half of Ukraine’s 7.5 million children. 1.8 million of the children have fled to neighbouring countries, 2.5 million children are fleeing within the country (https://www.unicef.de/informieren/aktuelles/presse/2022/ukraine-mehr-als-die-haelfte-der-ukrainischen-kinder-vertrieben/264610.  Access … More Mistechko – An Artistic Little Village

Medical Utopias in Art: Imagining Health Exhibition at HFBK

How might medicine be artistically imagined? The COVID-19 pandemic has brought health to the forefront of our everyday lives, prompting reassessments of, and new imaginaries about, medicine’s future. Documenting these utopian ideals in art form brings them to life, shedding light on beneficial medical innovations that can positively impact the lives of individuals, but also … More Medical Utopias in Art: Imagining Health Exhibition at HFBK